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E-Currency We Sell @ We Buy @
BitcoinBitcoin N740 N710
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money N735 N700
USDT (TRC20)USDT (TRC20) N740 N710
EthereumEthereum N800 N650
Paypal PayPal N780 N000
Skrill Skrill N780 N000
PaypalPayPal Pay4Me

Welcome to the New Nigeria Gold Exchange is the shorter site URL for our old but trusted, fast and wholesale Ecurrency and Crypto-currency exchange site called We have been in existence since December, 2009 reliably serving thousands of clients worldwide till date.

We are the first Certified Exchanger with the SolidTrustPay and defunct Payza in Africa. We are also Certified Exchanger with Perfect Money with over 1000 in Trust Score rating.

We have been also selling Virtual Visa Card (VCC) from USA and Russian banks since 2009, and have served tens of thousands of clients worldwide over the years.

We have the best rates. Simply start your exchange right now. Sign up for our partner program and earn commission from each exchange. The earnings are credited in your account instantly and can be withdrawn right away.

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  •     08157727235  |  08163292983
  •   9am to 5pm

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We have been in the exchange business, serving our esteemed customers, since year 2009.



We serve over 4,302 happy customers and counting since we started our new website.



Over 507 real and positive customer reviews have been left for our exceptional services.



We completed over 8,131 real exchange transactions on our new website.
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507+ Reviews

Our Reserves

Tether/USDT 115498.4572 USD
Skrill 8868.7535 USD
Perfect Money 864884.9684 USD
Paypal 2210.9764 USD
Ethereum 230091.9999 USD
Bitcoin 488491.2022 USD
Naira 6622590017.6106 NGN

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Total Sent

Total Received

Naira NGN  
  Bitcoin USD
155500.00 NGN 210.14 USD   Exchange
Naira NGN  
  Paypal USD
78000.00 NGN 100.00 USD   Exchange
Tether/USDT USD  
  Naira NGN
339.00 USD 241310.00 NGN   Exchange
Perfect Money USD  
  Naira NGN
184.00 USD 128850.00 NGN   Exchange
Naira NGN  
  Perfect Money USD
749025.00 NGN 1021.25 USD   Exchange

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